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Welcome to BHS Access, part of the work of the British Horse Society

BHS Access hosts information for equestrian access volunteers and the Equestrian Mapping Project, which comprises Project 2026, Ride Maps and MapMyHack hosted on a web platform called DOBBIN.

ABOsInfo Knowledge Base

ABOsInfo provides information to assist BHS Access and Bridleways Officers in their work to improve equestrian access. ABOs can obtain a login from HQ access@bhs.org.uk or 02476 840515. ABOs can also request a login for a BHS Equestrian Access Group (bridleways group) and others working for equestrian access.

Project 2026

Project 2026 is part of the Equestrian Mapping Project. It provides a platform for each highway authority area in England and Wales where volunteers can record paths that they believe need investigating for the existence of unrecorded public rights of way and help to compile evidence for a path. Each highway authority area shows routes for investigation on a map and has an associated database of research records (one for each route) and an evidence library. Help pages are available.

Ride Maps

Ride Maps is part of the Equestrian Mapping Project and is a map showing riding and carriage driving routes available to the public. Some are promoted routes recognised by local authorities or from previous BHS publications. If you would like to help create new Ride Maps or update existing ones, please contact access@bhs.org.uk.

Map My Hack

MapMyHack is part of the Equestrian Mapping Project. Anyone with a GPS or smartphone app that can produce a GPX file can contribute by plotting their route and uploading the GPX file to MapMyHack. The line can then be picked up by others to add to Project 2026 or to develop into a Ride Map or share on Dobbin.


DOBBIN (Database On Bridleways and Byways Information) is a web map facility for storing and displaying routes and waypoint markers for personal use or sharing with others. It uses Ordnance Survey base maps at 1:50k (Landranger), 1:10k (Street View) and 1:250k (Road Atlas). Dobbin is used in conjunction with personal computer mapping software such as Memory-Map or a GPS or website such as DEFRA Magic Map—anything which can provide a GPX file for a route, which is uploaded and formatted on Dobbin. Help pages are available. Routes prepared on Dobbin can be moved to Ride Maps for public viewing or shared with others via a web link for collaboration or to clarify which path you are talking about, or added to Project 2026. To use Dobbin you need to apply for a username and password. Please email access@bhs.org.uk.

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