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Welcome to BHS Access, part of the work of the British Horse Society

The site contains three resources for equestrians and volunteers working to improve access for riding and carriage driving:


Ridemaps shows maps of riding and carriage driving routes available to the public. Most of the routes were devised as 'promoted' routes and many are recognised by local authorities. They have been recorded by volunteers who do what they can to ensure the routes are still available and up to date, however, changes can occur between checks so if you discover anything wrong, please tell us.

We hope to extend this resource to cover other routes available to equestrians which may not be clearly shown on Ordnance Survey maps, such as some of the many disused railway lines which may appear as cycle routes but which may be ridden. Increasing the information available is dependent on volunteers becoming involved so if you would like to help with creating the map, please contact access@bhs.org.uk.


DOBBIN (Database On Bridleways and Byways Information) is currently login only for people preparing Ride Maps or plotting information on used and/or unrecorded equestrian routes. It is intended that some data will become public as the project progresses. This may include routes which are currently in use.

Part of DOBBIN is a county by county Project 2026 which is specifically aimed at gathering evidence of historically used routes which are not recorded and will be lost in 2026 unless action is taken (see BHS Countdown to 2026).

Map My Hack

Anyone with a GPS or smartphone app that can output a GPX file can contribute to the Ridemaps project by plotting their route as they go then uploading the route file to our Map My Hack facility. The line can then be picked up by others to add to DOBBIN, Project 2026 or follow up into a Ride Map for others to use. Try MapMyHack.

ABOsInfo Knowledge Base

ABOsInfo is currently login only and the site provides information to assist those working voluntarily for the improvement of equestrian access. BHS Access and Bridleways Officers can obtain a login from access@bhs.org.uk.

Representatives of Equestrian Access Groups (Bridleways Groups) or others working for equestrian access are very welcome to request a login through a BHS volunteer.

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